What you can't see, you can't take!

The most important feature of fog protection is that Fog Cannon Security in contrast to other types of security systems, help prevent burglary or vandalism continuing, stopping would be situations almost immediately. They are designed for stand-alone manual operation, or simply compliments itself to run alongside an Intruder Alarm. It can be set to automatically arm itself when the alarm is set, or can be linked to personal attack alarms.

As "'PROTECT" trained engineers and having the backing of a world-wide distribution manufacturer, these extremely well manufactured Police and Insurance approved devices are available from TBC now. Stop intruders in their tracks with these powerful deterrents, that are completely harmless to humans, animals and equipment, leaving no residue.


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Typical Clubhouse in a busy Golf Centre. Our client was targeted 6 times with break-ins, just to get at the Fruit Machine, force it open and steal the cash contained. Not only were the coins stolen (at a cost of around £500 per hit), the damage to the building each time increased as different ways were found to get in. Total losses cost over Fourteen thousand pounds, the inconvenience, lost revenue in the restaurant, and an increased insurance premium - annually. TBC Installed an alarm system and integrated it with a Fog Cannon. Since then, no further break-ins have been attempted.